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Boy Scout Troop 59
(Allendale, New Jersey)
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Troop Committee

Since 1917
Troop 59 is proud and grateful to be Chartered by 
Archer United Methodist Church
Allendale, New Jersey

Troop Committee:

Chartered Organization -- Archer United Methodist Church
Chartered Organization Representative -- Gary VanDyke
Troop Committee Chairperson -- Dave Castellano 
Scoutmaster -- Nick Gray
Treasurer  -- Pam Stock
Secretary -- Christy Soell

Eagle Coordinator / Chair of Eagle Committee -- Michael Feeley and Mark McAuliffe 
Popcorn Fundraiser Coordinator -- Paul Appelgren
Registrar -- Art Keating
Camping Coordinator -- Sal Ingrassia
Camping trip logistics -- Jess Cary
Advancement Chairperson -- Charlie Stock
Summer Camp Coordinator -- Bernadette Geraghty

Richard Brooke -- Committee Member
Stephen Novak -- Committee Member
Chuck Zoeller -- Committee Member
Pete Branigan -- Asst Scoutmaster
Martin Masters -- Asst Scoutmaster