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Boy Scout Troop 59
(Allendale, New Jersey)
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Troop Leadership

Nick Gray - Scoutmaster -
Dan Cuneen - Asst Scoutmaster, Advancement Coordinator -
Tom Zambrotta - Troop Committee Chairperson -

If you are interested in taking on a leadership position, we are always looking for parents to help out.
We have many positions available including Assistant Scoutmasters.
If you're not interested in an official leadership position, are always in need of dads to go on camping trips and high adventures.
If camping is not your thing, we need help at the weekly meetings, and everyone is welcome to attend the monthly Troop Committee Meeting, held right after the Green Bar meeting (see Calendar).

There are other positions within the group that are more behind the scenes, and are very important to keep the troop healthy and strong.
Some positions that open from time to time include: Troop Committee Chair, Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Camping Coordinator Chair, Fundraiser Chair, Eagle Scout Coordinator, Webmaster.

Each of these positions need other parents to help as well, so if one of these positions are filled, we still need others to help.

The more parents that participate, the more we can do as a troop, and the more the boys will enjoy their scouting life.