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Boy Scout Troop 59
(Allendale, New Jersey)
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What day are there meetings?

Meetings for Troop 59 are every week on Monday.

What time are the meetings?

Meetings start at 7:30 pm and end at 9:00 pm.

Where are the meetings held?

Meetings are held at Archer United Methodist Church in Allendale, NJ unless if you're told by the scoutmaster or leader.

When are meetings not held?

If a campout or day trip is on Saturday or Sunday, then there will be no meeting on the following Monday. Instead, there will be a Green Bar meeting on the Monday after the campout or day trip. Usually, most holidays there are no meetings like Winter Break. 

What are Green Bar Meetings?

A Green Bar Meeting is a meeting only for adult leaders and senior scouts, patrol leaders and assnt patrol leaders. They are held the first Monday after campouts or day trips. Scouts that need rank advancement can also come to Green Bar Meetings for advancement. See the event calendar to see when the Green Bar Meetings are held.